Wulfwald RPG Classes:Sperebrógan

Sperebrógan (Spear Terror)
Before you were made outlaw you served in the Warband as one of the Sperebrógan, the Spear terrors. Elite warriors in training, sons of Thegns and Eaoldormen, lightly armed and armoured for skirmishing dreaming of the day you'd come of age and join the Warband proper. But that will never happen now. You are an outlaw, a Wolfshead, disowned by your noble father and destined to run with others such as yourself.
Sperebrógan rely on speed, and manoeuvrability and gain an accuracy and AC bonus from a high Dexterity (stackable with class bonuses) and gain a damage bonus from a high Strength when using thrown weapons.
Starting Equipment: 3 Ætgár, Anga, 2 Francisca, Framea, Watel Scield,1d6 Feorðungas.
Lvl  HD    THB   ST   Acc   Dam RoF
1    1d3+2   +0   17   +1    +0 1          
2    3d6 +1   13   +2    +1 2
3    6d6 +2  9   +3    +2 3
Criticals & Fumbles
Unless the cast killed the enemy outright, then it has pinned them to the ground (or a tree, door, wall etc.) and they cannot move until the javelin is removed (causing another 1d3+1 dam). If the cast killed the target outright then the Sperebróga receives a +2 to hit bonus on his next cast having honed his aim.
They cast so fiercely that they dislocate their shoulder and can't cast again until someone puts it back in (1d3 dam).
Heroic Effort
Woden's Cast

They are able to catch an enemy spear in flight and, in one smooth movement, cast it back at their foe for maximum damage (no To Hit roll needed and doesn’t count as one of their attacks).


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