Wulfwald RPG Classes: Scildmægden

Scildmægden (Shieldmaiden)

The women of Wulfwald, especially noblewomen such as yourself, have rights under law and as the wife or daughter of a powerful man may also wield power and influence. Even so, you rejected the marriage your family made for you and either ran away or your family cast you out. You chose instead the free life of a shield maiden.
The Scildmægden are balanced fighters with good attack and defence potential. A Scildmægden may use either Strength for a bonus to hit, or to dam, or Dexterity for a bonus to her AC or to hit. She may only use one at a time and must decide before each fight which bonus to use.
Lvl   Hit Dice  THB      ST   To Hit/Dam/AC*
1     1d6+1    +1       17       +1
2     4d6+2    +3       13       +2
3     8d6+4    +5       10       +3
Starting Equipment: Wælseax, Gár,Plegscield ,  Leðeren Cæppe, Leðeren Serc. 1d6 farthings.

*At 2nd and 3rd level the bonus may be applied as one bonus or split. The Str & Dex bonus may not be split but can be applied separately from the class bonus. How each bonus will be applied must be decided before each combat.

Scildmægden Optional Rules

Criticals & Fumbles
Being balanced fighters Scildmægden neither land critical hits nor fumble their attacks.
Heroic Effort
Noble Challenge

The Scildmægden can challenge any (sentient) foe to single combat and they must accept. After all no one wants to be the warrior known for being afraid to fight a maiden. They must also accept any terms the Scildmægden may decide on, such as whether or not the duel is to the death or first blood, or if it decides the outcome of a skirmish or battle, matter of honour, etc.


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