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Gods of the Seven Cities - Design Notes: The Gods

Be warned this is waffely half-formed brain spew about "the creative process" so if you're not into that their will be another class write up soon.

If you are into that I was aware that I mentioned a few concepts concerning the gods in the Asipu write up and realised it might be an idea to mention what the gods are and how they might work.

Design Notes: The Gods
I’d been toying with the idea of a fertile crescent bronze age setting and as usual I let a few inchoate ideas float around the old brainbox then I started researchings. The research, for me at least, was fun, but nothing really sparked until I started delving into Mesopotamian religion. The two pertinent things I learned are . . .

A - There isn’t a familial pantheon of a few related gods, but instead thousands of gods.

B  - Mesopotamian people thought of their gods almost as celebrities living glamourous or weird soap opera style lives.

. . . I’m paraphrasing a lot their but that was the gist.

Celebrities. Divine ce…

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