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Blog Saves and the Doom of Scrivener

So a while back my Desktop died. I did some investigating and saw that the PSU's chord connection was dodgy so got a new PSU installed it and . . . nope still dead. So I did the usual test checking removing RAM Sticks, etc. still no joy so I removed the SSD card and checked in an external HD Dock and the thing was fried. Wouldn't load and recovery software couldn't read it.  Not complete bad news I can grab a new SSD card. Not sure if I'll have to get a new copy of Windows, whatever. I could just get a new PC I guess. All of which is small beans and a minor inconvenience. Or at least it would have been if I hadn't stopped writing my RPG projects in Google docs and treated myself to a Scrivner license. Scrivener is a brilliant tool for organising and writing projects it does all sorts of stuff really well and all sorts of stuff that general WP programs don't do. But it doesn't do Saves (or more properly Save As) in a particularly helpful way. It does autosave

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