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Seven Cities Classes: Redum

This is a very rough 1st draft of the character class that replaces the B/X or OSE standard fighter for my Seven Cities Summerian sandbox setting (try saying that after a pint or three!).

Redum are the professional soldiers of the city, but the player character’s are no workaday anonymous rank and file spear carriers, no they  are divinely blessed heroes touched by a permanent boon from their cult’s Deity capable of tremendous feats of arms beyond the power of normal men, and loved and lauded by the common people of the city.
Restrictions  Redum are very hardy and tough to kill and roll 1d10 Hit Dice per level. They can use any weapon (with the exception of the prohibited royal mace) and wear any armour, but generally carry and wear the arms and armour of their rank and unit. Redum may also specialize in varying weapon styles and use a signature weapon that will become imbued with divine power.
Once a day a Redum can cast the Magic-User spell Shield. At 4th level, they may cast …

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