Wulfwald RPG Classes: Scinnlæca

Scinnlæca (Shining One)

You were made an outlaw because you are a Scinnlæca, a Shining One. Using forbidden knowledge, with a flash of eldritch light, you call the dread spirits of the otherworld.  Once called you bind them to your will and use their malign powers.

Scinnlæca gain a bonus to the powers of the spirits they can contain and the length of the possession based on a high Wisdom.

Starting Equipment: A knife that has pierced the heart of an adulterous woman, the skull of a strangled murderer, a silver penny stained with the blood of a traitor, a wand of Rowan wood taken from a hanging tree, robes made from the funeral shroud of a king betrayed. Thirteen finger bones taken from living virgins.
Lvl   HD   THB  ST    Phan HD PowDur
1   1d3+1  -1   17    1d3      1    1
2   2d6+2  +0   13    1d6   2    2
3   5d6+3  +1   11    1d6+1 3    3
Criticals & Fumbles
The spirit you called is so cowed by your power that you may control it until you banish him. You suffer no taint or fatigue.

You lose the battle of wills with a vile spirit who possesses you for 1d3 rounds before departing leaving you doubly tainted and fatigued.

Heroic Effort
Call of the Dammed

You call forth foul spirits to possess your enemies (up to 3 HD + Wis bonus in total). You control them completely without fear of taint or fatigue.  Their comrades must make a ST against fear to face them in combat. When you end the possession your victims must make a ST or die.


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