Wednesday, 7 March 2018


I've finished the writing side of the Wulfwald (formerly Redwald) RPG. That's now getting all fancied up and ready to be published by +Paolo Greco for Lost Pages which I believe is being hosted by +Daniel Sell at

With Wulfwald done my mind has turned to my next project. It's going to be quite a big project and also stupidly ambitious (leaning heavily on the stupid side I think).

It's actually three settings, three connected settings on a Wilderlands of High Fantasy sort of scale. Hopefully modular like the Judges Guild setting too.

The three setting will be for different campaign styles: Setting one is sandbox, 2, is Hexcrawl, and 3 is a big old epic quest.

The sandbox (map/setting 1) Is a fertile crescent/Sumerian bronze age setting with the working title "The Thousand Gods of Ur- Kishhad". With the thousand gods taking the protagonist role and replacing monsters as the party's main foes. Think of it as D&D party versus supers. It will be city based rather than dungeon based.

The Hexcrawl (map/setting 2) is a weird wilderness the gets weirder the deeper into the wilderness the party explores. Definitely Fiend Folio and The Random Esoteric Creature Generator territory. Working title is "Into the Wizard-War Wastelands" It's also kind of a fantasy post apocalypse setting.

The Quest (map/setting 3) will be a quest campaign inspired by the Savage World's plot point books and what I'm calling a prog rock inspired fantasy setting. Think insectmen, rapier's and lazer lances, dragon riders, dragonfly riders, floating cities, Roger Dean, Rodney Matthews, crimson kings and their courts, veterans of psychic wars, Temples of Syrinx, and all that good 2112 stuff.

They'll all be using B/X as a base rule set but I'll be making custom classes and a probably magic systems in a similar vein to the way I did things in wulfwald. I'll also be running these online as I work on them.

Right, now I've posted this I'll have to do it! :D