Wulfwald - Encounters by Kingdom - PT3 Geatland


3 Geatlund

Roll 2d6

2 - (4d6) Cempestre on a raid into Geatlund looking for male captives.

3 - (2d6) Héafodbryceas (Skull Crushers) looking for trouble.

4 - A Jutish Warband raiding, burning, looting, killing. (2d6 Fyrdmen, 1d6 Sperbroagan, 1d3+1 Thegns, 1 Ealdorman).

5 - A Geatish Warband putting anyone who isn’t a Geat to the sword. (2d6 Fyrdmen, 1d6 Sperbroagan, 1d3+1 Thegns, 1 Ealdorman).

6 - Highland Wildlings nominal allies of the Geats, but drunk and rowdy. (1d3+1 Geoguðgara, 2d6+1 Plegscildas, and 1d3+1  Randwíga). Will be friendly(ish) to any party that does not contain a Wildling PC. Will turn hostile if there is a Wildling in the party.

7 - Highland Wildlings raiding the Geats. (2d6 Gúðflálybb, 2d6 Plegscildas, led by 1 Beadurófa). Looking for easy pickings, not a tough fight. However, the Beadurófa will want to fight single combat with any PC that looks like a worthy warrior.

8 - A Jutish Thegn trying to sneak into Geatlund to see his Geatish lover.

9 - A Jutish Scildmægden sneaking into Geatlund to see her Geatish lover.

10 - A Giant

11 - A Dragon

12 - An event . . .

Roll 1d6

1 - A Wildling Wicce opens a portal to the Wild Court. The Portal remains open after she disappears into it,

2 - A Scinelacca opens a portal into the Underworld the portal remains open after he descends.

3 - The players stumble on a secret meeting between a Geatish and Jutish Ealdormen both set on betraying their own people.

4 - The party gets caught in the middle of a pitched battle between Geatish and Jutish armies (1d6+1x10 men on each side).

5 - The Party stumbles upon the kidnapping of a Geatish Noblewoman by Jutish agents.

6 -  The Wolfpack stumble upon a desperate fight between two small (1d6+1) bands of Wildlings. Both bands ask for help. Picking a side will gain the friendship of one tribe and the enmity of the other. Aiding neither will gain the enmity of both tribes.


  1. These tables are great! I might end up using them in an Anglo-Saxon Mythras campaign that I've been thinking about.

  2. Another good table. How much longer?

  3. Cheers, both. These tables are the draft versions published ones are a bit more refined (and hopefully will have bestiary pg numbers added).

    As for how much longer, as usual I can't say. I can tell how you how far along we are though. As of yesterday all the layout and art was finished on Book 1: The Heroes of Wulfwald, so one down and two to go but momentum is good at the mo.

  4. Sorry to keep asking about a timeline. Don't mean to be a bother. Just looking forward to the end results. Glad to hear things are going well.


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