Wulfwald - Encounters by Kingdom - PT 7 Wulfingas


Roll 2d6 . . .

2 - The old King’s Héahgeréfa (High Sheriff) and twenty of his Geréfan (Sheriffs). They have been declared outlaw by all the Aethlings, bar Rǽdwulf who sees them as allies. They are trying their best to protect the weak, and see justice is done despite the bloody civil war that is tearing the kingdom apart. 

3 - Bedraggled and terrified civilians fleeing the latest atrocity inflicted upon them by the “Noble” warriors of their kingdom. They shuffle miserably from one part of the kingdom to another as all the Aethlings have promised fates worse than death to any Thrall, Búras, or Ceorl who flees across the borders. They are all non-combatants.

4 - Beorhtwulf and his Warband (2d6 Hearthweru, 1d6+1 Ealdormen, 2 Gesiths, 1 Cempa). This band is comprised mostly of the old King’s most loyal nobles who want his eldest son to rule. They are few but ruthless. Anyone who opposes them will be invited to “dance” with their Cempa.

5 - Rǽdwulf and his Warband (3d6+3 Ceorls, 3d6+3 Fyrdmenn, 1 Gesith). A man of the common people, Rǽdwulf will deal fairly and justly with all. Best of all he won’t be too cruel to those he deems his enemies. 

6 - Hrothwulf and his Warband (1d3+1 Scildmægden bodyguards, 3d6+1 Thegns, 1 Gesith) Loved by women, admired by men Hrothwulf found it easy to gather most of the Kingdom’s Thegns to his cause. He is charismatic and friendly by nature, but ill-tempered if he doesn’t get his own way.

7 - Aethelwulf and his Warband ( 3d6+3  Búras, 1d6+3 Dræfend, 1d6+3 Wuduweard, 1 Gesith) This desperate band of peasant rabble have flocked to Aethelwulf and his promise for a fair and just kingdom. They are desperate to recruit anyone to their cause.

8 - Oswulf and his Warband (3d6+1 Sperebrógan, 3d6+1 Drengas 1 exasperated Gesith) Youthful and impetuous, Oswulf and his equally youthful warriors are ready to fight (quite often amongst themselves) at any given moment, but don’t necessarily stop to think if that is the right decision.  

9 - Eadwulf and his Warband (2d6+1 Hýransweord, 3d6+2 Wulfeshéafod, 1d6+1 Wildling Gúðflálybb, 2d6+1 Wildling Plegscildas, 1d3+1 Héafodbryceas, 1 terrified Gesith) Eadwulf is quite insane and his band of scum love him. If the party can prove they are “worthy” he’ll be happy to recruit them to his ignoble cause. Otherwise, he prefers to capture his foes alive, torture them, then offer them as a sacrifice to the beast of the lake (see Bestiary pg XXXX).

10 - A nervous Middle Seaxe Warband (3d6 Fyrdmen led by 2 Thegns) tired from their march, and as yet uninformed as to which of King Cyneric’s latest favourite Wulfingas Aethling they are to serve. As they do not know who is friend or foeman they form a shield wall at the sight of any armed party. Morale is low (-2).

11 - The Hornungbróðor (The Bastard-Brothers) a Warband (3d6+1 Hýransweord) Most of whom claim to be the bastard by-blows of the late king and have a right to rule. At least two of them are working to create more chaos in the kingdom on behalf of the King of Westlund Seaxe.

12 - A Scinelacca and his insane lover an ancient and haggard wildling Wicce woman. He claims to be the late King’s bastard. They have a cauldron capable of spawning cauldron born. At the moment they are more than happy to wait and let the Aethlings do their bloody work, whilst they collect corpses and prepare their Kingdom of the dead.

All of the true Wulfingas heirs are, despite their varying ages, Athelings (see Bestiary pg XXXX) and each is accompanied and advised by one of their late father’s Gesiths.


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