Portal Campaign - Temple of The God Who Is - WIP

The first Portal is in a long lost ruined temple its name is . . .

 Thaziodor - Temple of The God Who Is.

The party hear rumours of the temple, specifically that the world’s greatest treasure lies within the abandoned temple, that it contains the path to unearthly power, that the temple holds the secret of Godhood, that whoever can unlock the temple’s secrets could rule the world and other good stuff like this.

Where is the Temple? Choose the best fit for your campaign or roll 2d6 . . .

2:  Halfway down the face of a cliff.
3:  At the bottom of a ravine
4:  Buried underneath a natural hill
5:  Buried underneath a long-forgotten burial mound
6:  Behind a waterfall
7:  In a coastal cave that floods at high tide.
8:  Near a village. It is overgrown with vines and surrounded by floral offerings.
9:  In a Mountain Pass
10: Deep in a great forest or jungle
11: In a Small clump of woodland in the middle of farmland near a village or small town
12: Underneath the catacombs of the nearest city

Further Rumours About the Temple roll 2d6

2:  The Temple was abandoned when the worship of its God was outlawed
3:  The Temple was abandoned because everyone in the world who worshipped its God died on the same day
4:  The Temple was abandoned when its God died
5:  On the Temple’s holiest of holy days a great crowd gathered to worship and vanished during the ceremony
6:  A King impressed with the Temple’s philosophy slaughtered all the priests so only he would know its secrets
7:  Jealous Gods from other-worlds murdered the God who Is
8:  The God Who Is hid the temple himself
9:  The Temple has been plundered many times
10: Many have sought the temple none have returned
11: The Temple doesn’t exist it is mere myth
12: People who know the secret of the temple spread the rumour that it is ”mere myth”

Who/What is the Guardian of the Temple? Roll 2d6 . . .

2:  A warrior priest armed with sword and Spell
3:  Cultists some have mouths stitched closed, others have eyes stitched closed 
4:  A strange beast with the face and jaws of an ape, the body of a man, the claws of a tiger and the legs of heron.
5:  A clockwork bronze knight
6:  A ball of light crackling with electricity hovers near the door
7:  A wolf-headed man with a scimitar and a wand
8:  A boy child with liquid black eyes and an evil laugh
9:  Six Rabid Ratmen
10: A Glass Golem
11: A slavering Xenomorph
12: Several Goatheaded chaos warriors

Why is Does an abandoned temple have a guardian? Roll 1d6 . . .

1: A local wizard ordered it so while he pondered on other problems a few centuries ago
2: The God wills it
3: The king and his sorcerer seek to ensure its secrets are never again disturbed
4: The King and his Sorcerer guard its secrets for themselves
5: A mad priest prophesied it would be the world’s doom
6: A mad priest prophesied it would be the world’s salvation

At the Heart of the temple is . . . 

The statue of the God Who Is 

Carved from sandstone is a floating statue of a human-like being. The statue has no arms or legs and floats above the ground at the height of the average human.  The eyes and mouth are carved as being stitched closed, the ears are carved as having being plugged. Only the nose remains untouched. It pulsates with an energy that the players can feel and makes their senses feel heightened. Anyone who investigates the statue up close will eventually feel and hear a gentle breath inhaling and exhaling through the nose.

Writing in many languages, scripts, alphabets and hands is scrawled all over the floor.  It reads . . .

 . . . This is the God Who Is! Bow down initiate and speak “What” the God is! . . .

There are seven mosiacs on the walls around the statue . . .


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