Random Me Crap: Mid-life (Creative) Crisis

I'm having what I can only describe as a mid-life creative crisis. Unlike a standard mid-life crisis where you might quit your job, squeeze into some leather trousers (or pants for my USAsian pals) buy a red sports car, snorts some Pepsi and chase after twenty-somethings that are guaranteed to break yer heart and bank account.

I am instead, with my creative crisis, squeezing into new creative hobbies, snorting the kool-aid, buying hobby accessories, and researching creative endeavours guaranteed to break my mind and bank balance.

I already have creative outlets: I write, fiction and RPG stuffs, I play guitar, and I'm a chef, but I feel like I must do more, create more. Hmm, maybe it's the same as a standard mid-life crisis. After all they're mostly about the fact that yer half-way through your life and edging towards your inevitable and inescapable face off with mortality.

Anyway, new stuff that I've researched, bought gear for, and in some cases even started to do, include: Twitch Streaming, Woodworking, Drawing, Electronics (specifically making my own guitar stomp boxes), and Coding. I'm waiting for the next creative urge to strike who knows what it'll be. . . please god not interpretive dance.

I'm also getting into (by which I mean half-assedly dipping my toe into) meditation, tai chi, yoga, and NLP. These things are different, but yeah, related I think.

The irony is I never feel like I've got enough time to be even half decent at the creative stuff I've already been doing for decades (guitar, writing, cooking, gaming, DMing). 

Ho hum. Mind you aprantely you're never too old, never too late. We shall see. We shall see.

Hmm, I wonder which Prog Rock album is the best for interpretative dancing to?


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