Summer Solstice Salutations

As the light banishes the dark for another year I once more rise from my blogging slumber to greet all and say . . . "Hi, I'm still alive and so is Wulfwald!" 

I've been ill again with COPD or Asthma, don't know which as covid restrictions mean I can't get a Spirometry test and a definitive diagnosis. On the plus side I have my inhalers and whatever is up with me is under control.

Wulfwald plods on with work on art, layout, and editing all still going forward, There is also dare I say it, or whisper it even, talk of a Kickstarter. Funds from that would mean more people could work on the above and get the whole project over the finish line. Will keep peeps updated on that as I hear more.

Other than that I intend to crack on and keep working on the various stuff that's been appearing on this blog intermittently. Stuff like "Gods of the Seven Cities" and the Portal Campaign, as well as a few others.

So enjoy the longest day cos you know what they say up north; "Winter is coming."


  1. Keep on fighting, man; the world _needs_ Wulfwald!

    1. I keep on fighting, but I keep on rolling a 1 on my to-hit roll. :D


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