And So It Begins . . .

. . . new project underway . . .

Gods of the Seven Cities
An OSR Sandbox in a Fantasy Sumerian Setting

Written By

Lee Lawrence


1st Draft

Not 100% on title. The previous working title was "The Thousand Gods of UR-Kishad" but the seven cities are the key to binding the PCs together and supplying adventure hooks so thought they should feature in title.

So far I have quite a few rough notes on paper, and a lot of reading to do, I also have a table of contents . . .

1: Introduction
2: Character Creation
3: The Rules
4: The Setting
5: The Gods
6: The Cities
7: Sandboxing
8: A Randomly Generated Sandbox is a Replayable Sandbox
9: Tables
10: More tables?
. . . and the seven classes that will replace the standard seven B/X classes. And those new classes are . . .
1) Asipu
2) Ushum Mara
3) Belum
4) Redum
5) Kalianlu
6) Kassapu
7) Saraqum


  1. Sounds pretty cool! Added to my blogroll to keep up with it easier (didn't even realise it hadn't been added...)

  2. Cheers, Ynas, and thanks for championing Wulfwald. I appreciate it. Hopefully will have more on the 7 cities classes written up today.

    1. Sure thing. I can't wait to review Wulfland in my thematic OSR series!

      Also, as usual, if there's anything related to proofreading or editing I can do, I'd be happy to contribute.

  3. My writing is rife with proofreading and editing issues :D so I'm sure it has Paolo pulling his hair out so maybe ask him.


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