Thursday, 11 May 2017

First Draft Finished!

The first draft of the Wulfwald RPG is finally finished. Done. Yay! Below is the final (rough)entry . . .

Orcneas are the vile creations of a Scinnlæca. They are the corpses of warriors fresh from the battlefield and created in a dire ritual under a waning moon. During this ritual the Scinnlæca takes some vital part from the warrior’s corpse such as their eyes, heart, tongue or guts, and replaces it with something living but vile such as maggots, writhing worms, a nest of foetal rats.

They fight and move with all the vigour and vitality of living warriors, but lack the guile and cunning of men. They are however, to a certain extent at least,  able to follow the basic orders of their necromantic creator. Orders such as: guard me, guard, this capture her, kill him, kill them all, etc.

Their corpses stench and their transgressive nature act like a wave of fear and repulsion. The majority of their ranks are made up of the corpses of Fyrdmen as these are most often likely to be left unclaimed on the field of battle. They are instilled with a terrible and insatiable desire to feed on the flesh, and especially the brains, of the living.

Orcneas: AC:17 HD:*3+3; HP: 15/7)  To-Hit: +3 Attack: spear, axe, or sword (1d6+2). Special:Immunities, Wave of Repulsion, Hard to Kill, ST:12; Move:10 Morale: 12

They are immune to all magic that causes fear or affects the mind, and give off a wave of repulsion and fear that will cause anyone who fails a ST to vomit and dry heave so violently they cannot take any action other than to move away from the Orcneas. They must then make a ST every turn until they make it, are slain, or their companions destroy the Orcneas. Anyone who makes the ST if fine and doesn’t have to make another ST for the duration of the combat (but will have to make another ST the next time they encounter  Orcneas). They are impervious to wounds and can only be destroyed if they are hacked to pieces by taking them to twice their HP total in damage (HP -30) or their brains are destroyed by cleaving their skulls with an critical from an axe, or making called shots to the head (-3 to hit) and doing over half their HP total (7) in damage in a single attack.

. . . now all I have to do is edit/rewrite the thing!


  1. Isn't it like when software developers say "All we have to do now is to clear up a couple bugs"? :P

  2. Yeah, kinda like that.But I'm not going to go mad on edits and rewriting. It is waht it is and no amount of me tinkering with it will make it betterer or betterest. :D I just wanna go over it once and make sure it's okayish.

    1. Yeah, it's one of my major flaws: I struggle finishing large projects because I keep chasing "perfection".

    2. The curse of the eternal rewrite!

  3. Sweet! I'm very much looking forward to this when it is done.

  4. @M Po, Cheers. Me too. It's taken me far too long.